Just a Sprinkle!

Are you searching for a single ingredient to take your meals to the next level? Look no further than our nutritional yeast flakes! Known for adding a nutty and “cheesy” taste to food, these flakes are a vegan-friendly complete protein and an excellent source of fiber.  

On the Trail

If you’re heading on the trail with one of our backpacking kits, we recommend sprinkling nutritional yeast on any of our soup and chili mixes to boost the umami flavor. Many people use nutritional yeast as a replacement for cheese.  

Superfood Medley

Kale flakesmushrooms and nutritional yeast... what do these three ingredients have in common? They are all SUPERFOODS! Sauté together and season to taste to enjoy a health-packed side dish.  

At-Home Movie Nights

For your next movie night, turn your popcorn into a savory treat. Try air-popping your popcorn with coconut oil for a hint of sweetness and season your snack with fine sea salt and nutritional yeast.  


"Cheesy" Sauce

Do you like cheese on your baked potatoes and roasted veggies? Swap the cheese for nutritional yeast to boost your nutrition with this delicious topping! 

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