Backpacking Kit

Ready for an adventure? Don’t forget to pack great food!  Our backpacking food kit as well as other kits and samplers contain a delicious variety of premium dehydrated beans, legumes, and vegetables. Dried vegetable gourmet backpacking meals are a healthy, convenient option for camping, hiking, RVing, meal prep food or cooking at home.

Premium Products
Backpacking Kit (18 ZIP Pouches)
BACKPACKING Soup & Chili Kit (18 ct)
TRAIL READY Gourmet Soup & Chili Pack (18 ct)
Deluxe Sampler (32 ZIP Pouches)
Vegetable Sampler(15 ZIP Pouches)
DELUXE Fruit Sampler (12 Jars, Quart Size)
TVP Sampler (8 ZIP Pouches)
Bean & Legume Sampler (8 ZIP Pouches)
Clear ZIP Pouches, 1 Cup Size (50 Count)
Clear ZIP Pouches, 2.5 Cup Size, Heavy Duty (50 Count)