Saving the Pantry with Dehydrated Potatoes

Few things smell as bad as a rotting potato. No one likes a potato that becomes a soft grey mess on the pantry floor. This is when a dehydrated potato like Harmony House Foods Diced Potatoes become a godsend. Like other dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated potatoes have the water removed from them preventing spoilage. Housed in BPA-free plastic jars, jugs, or zip pouches, Harmony House Foods’ dehydrated potatoes are a long lasting, healthy alternative to the traditional sack of potatoes. Because the dried potatoes are sealed tight, these potatoes are a great bulk buy and maintain a delicious flavor.

If you want to keep some dried potatoes in the pantry, Harmony House Foods’ bulk dried potatoes are an excellent option. These dehydrated potato slices not only last longer than regular potatoes, but they have excellent taste as well.

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