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Award Winning Dehydrated Food for the Trail

Food is one of the biggest challenges faced out on the trail, especially during a long backpacking adventure. A great deal of time and energy go into planning how much and what kind of foods to load into your pack. Furthermore, you have to consider how you will prepare your backpacking meals. To reduce this burden, Harmony house has prioritized making the most delicious, healthy, convenient, and lightweight hiking, camping, and backpacking food on the market.

Whether you are planning a long-distance trip on the Appalachian Trail, or gourmet camping meals for an overnight excursion, our selection of dehydrated vegetables, freeze dried fruit, and deluxe soup mixes will add much needed flavor, fiber, vitamins and minerals to your trail diet. Among our specialty products, you’ll also find our Backpacking Meal Kit (winner of the Editor’s Choice Award from Backpacker Magazine). Try our camp foods for yourself and see why the pros at Backpacker Magazine say we’ll “lift your backwoods chow to new heights."

Premium Products
Clear ZIP Pouches, 1 Cup Size (50 Count)
Clear ZIP Pouches, 2.5 Cup Size, Heavy Duty (50 Count)
Bean & Legume Sampler (8 ZIP Pouches)
TVP Sampler (8 ZIP Pouches)
Soup & Chili Mix Sampler (12 ct)
Gourmet Soup & Chili Blends Sampler (12 ct)
Vegetable Sampler(15 ZIP Pouches)
TRAIL READY Gourmet Soup & Chili Pack (18 ct)
Backpacking Kit (18 ZIP Pouches)
BACKPACKING Soup & Chili Kit (18 ct)
Soup & Chili Mix Sampler COMBO
Deluxe Sampler (32 ZIP Pouches)
DELUXE Fruit Sampler (12 Jars, Quart Size)