Sweet Potatoes

Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes, Perfect in Every Way

Our dehydrated sweet potatoes are as pure as it gets! The only ingredient is sweet potatoes, for 100% goodness in each and every bite. At Harmony House, we never use additives, preservatives or GMOs, so you can feel good about feeding our fruits and veggies to your whole family. Dried sweet potatoes make a healthy snack for your pets, too!

Premium Products
Dried Sweet Potatoes, Jar (16 oz)
Dried Sweet Potatoes, Jug (64 oz)
Dried Sweet Potatoes (25 lbs)
Dried Vegetable Soup Mix (42 oz)
Vegetable Sampler(15 ZIP Pouches)
Vegetable Pantry Stuffer (16 Varieties, Quart Size)
Vegetable Family Pack (16 Varieties, Gallon Size)
Deluxe Sampler (32 ZIP Pouches)
Backpacking Kit (18 ZIP Pouches)