At Harmony House, we work hard to make the best dehydrated and freeze dried foods that you can find. We take a lot of pride in our work and it shows! That's why we're delighted to be featured in the following blogs and publications for outstanding quality and value. We'll update this section as often as possible, to give you a taste of what people are saying about our products, so be sure to check back often. You can also read more on our blog at Harmony House News.

"To make things easier, Harmony House Foods, a dehydrated foods company in North Carolina, is sponsoring Sanders’ trip [the octogenarian attempting to break the Appalachian Trail record] and shipping him meals—free of charge—along the trail. His favorite snack? Freeze-dried pineapple."

"Harmony House is ideal if you actually like cooking. The [Backpacking Kit] comes with... everything you need to create your own meal or fancy up other fare."

"Harmony House Dehydrated Foods: From bell peppers to beans, these dried ingredients changed the way we eat and pack."

Harmony House: A top pick for Cooking in The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gear Guide.

TravelWell Magazine

Because we're not fans of the usual carb-laden dried camping foods, we mixed our own backpacking meals ahead of time, using dehydrated vegetables and [TVP] from Harmony House Foods.

Stephanie Reynolds via Chicago Tribune

A friend told me about Harmony House and I ordered the sampler backpacking kit. Holy macaroni. I’m smitten. Everything I’ve used worked great... I liked the freeze-dried lentils so much I ordered another."

Appalachian Trails

"These foods are terrific for making quick meals after a busy day--no washing, peeling and chopping of vegetables, for example...And I make enough for work lunches the following day or two."

Veg Paradise

"Of all the ingredients...I was most excited to customize my meals with freeze dried vegetables [from] Harmony House...While I used them solely for backpacking, I can see how these would be very useful for an office snack, or to spice up a simple meal in the dorm room."

"Harmony House... offer[s] a lot of basic staples such as vegetables, fruits, and TVP meat substitute so that you can let your campground cook out to play and experiment with dishes to arrive at what you want. [The] possible combinations expand your menu exponentially. You’ll also always know precisely what is in each bite."

Hi Consumption

Keep in mind that a hiker’s diet consists of 3000 – 4500 calories per day. So I obviously go through a lot of food...From Harmony House I like the Backpacking Soup & Chili Kit (which is an excellent deal)... I’m [also] partial to all the berries and the bananas – I use them in my oatmeal.

Trek on the Trail

"Give the gift of a full belly with Backpacking Food Kits from Harmony House Foods. Getting ready to camp or hike is much easier when your food is already packed and ready to go!"

Case Coolie

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