Freeze Dried Pineapple

People have long enjoyed the tropical taste of pineapples. The sweet and tart taste makes dry pineapples a fruit favorite. The hassle of trying to cut a fresh pineapple makes it difficult to enjoy on a regular basis. Harmony House Foods freeze dried pineapple make it easy to enjoy pineapple any time you get a craving for a tropical treat! The pieces are already evenly sliced so you don’t need to do worry about slicing and chopping. The fast drying process used on our dry pineapple fruit locks in all the healthy nutrients turning the Vitamin rich fruit into crisp bites of pineapple delight.

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Freeze Dried Pineapple (5 oz)
Freeze Dried Pineapple Powder (4 Cups / 64 Tbs)
Freeze Dried Pineapple Chunks (25 Lb. Wholesale Box)
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DELUXE Fruit Sampler (12 Jars, Quart Size)
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