A Better Freeze Dried Cherry

At Harmony House, our unsweetened dried cherries are always 100% natural. That means you'll never find added sugar, additives or preservatives. Other companies may add sugar to their freeze dried cherries, or can their cherries in heavy syrup, but we think the natural sweetness of these ruby gems should be enjoyed as is, just as nature intended.

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Freeze Dried Sweet Cherries (8 oz)
Freeze Dried Cherry Powder (4 Cups / 64 Tbs)
Freeze Dried Sweet Cherries (25 Lb. Wholesale Box)
DELUXE Fruit Sampler (12 Jars, Quart Size)
Berry Medley (4 Jars, Quart Size)
Tropical Fruit Medley (4 Jars, Quart Size)
Orchard Fruit Medley (4 Jars, Quart Size)