How Can Dehydrated Cabbage be so Good?

If you had to choose just one dried vegetable to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? May we recommend Dehydrated Cabbage? Now, put aside the fact that dried shredded cabbage smells incredible, cooks well, and is easy to store. Put aside the fact that all the preserved cabbage we sell is Non-GMO, free of chemicals and pesticides, and is very clean. The flavor of our premium air-dried cabbage is actually concentrated so all the goodness is packed into those small flakes which explode with flavor. Bulk dried cabbage is a must for any kitchen!

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Dried Cabbage (3 oz)
Dried Cabbage (12 oz)
Dried Cabbage (48 oz)
Dried Cabbage (8 lbs)
Dried Cabbage (26 lb)
Dried Vegetable Soup Mix (42 oz)
Vegetable Sampler(15 ZIP Pouches)
Vegetable Pantry Stuffer (16 Varieties, Quart Size)
Vegetable Family Pack (16 Varieties, Gallon Size)
Deluxe Sampler (32 ZIP Pouches)
Backpacking Kit (18 ZIP Pouches)