Dried Soup

The Convenience of Dried Soup

It is no revelation that soup has been around for thousands of years, but did you know that dried soup has been around for hundreds? Many early explorers learned that a medley of dried foods, easy to rehydrate, would be a great convenience on the trail. Early pioneers would take dried soup with them as they crossed the country to add much needed nutrition to their diets. In the 1930’s, the dried soup business really took off in the United States as busy people discovered the convenience of an easy, quick, and healthy solution in contrast to the hours of preparation needed for a pot of homemade soup. In 2005 Harmony House Foods introduced its premium vegan soup blends that were low in fat, high in nutritive value, and super convenient. The popularity of these products has soared, as people discover that great taste CAN be had in a super-easy-to-prepare product.

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