Dehydrated Soup Mix

The Dehydrated Soup Mix Effect

There is an old story of a man who claimed to be able to make soup from just water and a rock. Curious, the townsfolk watched him. As he boiled the rock and tasted the water, he would say, “The rock soup would be perfect if only I had some carrots, peas, onions, or celery.” Still curious, the spectators would bring him these foods until the man had a large pot of delicious soup. With our Dehydrated Soup Mix, we at Harmony House Foods become your very own townsfolk. We bring you carrots, peas, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and seasonings. All you supply is the pot and water. Making a soup is so easy, you’ll think it’s magic.

When you look in your pantry for good food, let us make your job easier with Dry Soup Mix. Boil some water. Add some favorite seasonings. Our soup mix is ready in minutes.