Dried Bell Peppers VS. Fresh: Facts on Nutrition, Flavor, Shelf Life and More

Bell peppers are nutritious vegetables that add delicious flavor to many types of dishes–but fresh peppers spoil so quickly that keeping them on hand can be tricky. That is why many cooks stock their pantries with dehydrated bell peppers. Only need a tablespoon for a recipe? You can rehydrate the exact amount you need without running to the store or wasting food. But how do dried bell peppers compare to fresh peppers? This post will show you how Harmony House Premium Dehydrated Peppers stack up against their fresh counterparts.
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ThruEat.com Puts Harmony House to the Test and the Results are...Bananas

ThruEat.com Puts Harmony House to the Test and the Results are...Bananas

ThruEat.com is an awesome online resource for backpackers that’s run by two working professionals out of Southern California with a deep passion for the outdoors, and developing the best thru-hiking meals to help them go the distance. Recently, they reached out and asked to review our award-winning Backpacking Kit. When they got it, and tried the Backpacking Kit, they were blown away. Here’s a sampling from their blog about their first time ever using Harmony House dehydrated foods.

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The Easiest Way to Make Your Own Vegetable Broth Powder

Vegetable broth powder (also known as vegetable stock powder) can be used in any recipe, including soups, sauces, and gravies. It makes a great seasoning, too! You can find many recipes online for making your own homemade vegetable powder with fresh vegetables. However, if you want the convenience of veggie powder without all the peeling, chopping, and dehydrating, here is how to make your own using premium quality dehydrated vegetables from Harmony House Foods. 

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