Puts Harmony House to the Test and the Results are...Bananas Puts Harmony House to the Test and the Results are...Bananas is an awesome online resource for backpackers that’s run by two working professionals out of Southern California with a deep passion for the outdoors, and developing the best thru-hiking meals to help them go the distance. Recently, they reached out and asked to review our award-winning Backpacking Kit. When they got it, and tried the Backpacking Kit, they were blown away. Here’s a sampling from their blog about their first time ever using Harmony House dehydrated foods.

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The Easiest Way to Make Your Own Vegetable Broth Powder

Vegetable broth powder (also known as vegetable stock powder) can be used in any recipe, including soups, sauces, and gravies. It makes a great seasoning, too! You can find many recipes online for making your own homemade vegetable powder with fresh vegetables. However, if you want the convenience of veggie powder without all the peeling, chopping, and dehydrating, here is how to make your own using premium quality dehydrated vegetables from Harmony House Foods. 

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Your Tips on How to Use Tomato Powder

Tomato Powder is one of the most versatile, useful dehydrated food products on the planet. Almost any recipe that calls for fresh or canned tomatoes can be enriched by adding our powdered dehydrated tomatoes. Here are some recipes and tips on how to use Tomato Powder we've collected from our loyal customers.
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Vegetarian Pasta Primavera Recipe

Vegetarian Pasta Primavera Recipe

Enjoy this light, summery Pasta Primavera from our friends at This recipe serves one, but trust us--it's so tasty, you'll want to make extra. It features Harmony House Mixed Vegetables, an easy, one-product solution that combines carrots, onions, tomatoes, peas, celery, green bell peppers, green beans, and parsley for full flavor without any fuss.  
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News: Harmony House Has a New Home

Harmony House Foods News

We are excited to announce that we are about to grow by adding 32,000 sq. ft. of space to our production facility. We will not lose our commitment to selling the freshest, all-natural, non-GMO dried fruits and vegetables. Whether you are buying food supplies for the trail or quick and healthy ingredients for dinners for your family, we are grateful for your business and, in return, we are happy to grow to serve you better in the future. 

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Uses for Savory Shiitake Mushrooms

Harmony House Foods Shiitake Mushrooms
Versatile, delicious dried shiitake mushrooms are an essential ingredient in many Japanese and Chinese dishes, though shiitakes add a rich (some describe it as earthy or meaty) flavor to any dish. Their excellent flavor boosting powers makes these mushrooms a great addition to sauces, stews, soups, casseroles, and more. Here are some great ways to use dried shiitakes in your kitchen. 
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20 Uses for Dried Vegetable Soup (Plus a Bonus Recipe)

Harmony House Foods Dried Vegetable Soup Mix
Dried Vegetable Soup Mix has long been one of our most popular items. Many fans of this versatile blend have written to us to tell us their ingenious uses for our Soup Mix, which includes minced vegetables and herbs such as carrots, onions, tomatoes, peas, celery, green bell peppers, green beans, and parsley. We’ve gotten so many great tips and recipes we thought we would share. 
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Meal Planning Tips and Recipes for Backpackers, Hikers, and Campers

Harmony House Backpacking FoodAre you looking for recipes for one pot meals, info on how to make food plans for camping trips, or tips on trail cooking? We've put together this list of online resources that will help you plan delicious trail meals, whether you are camping for a weekend or going on a six month backpacking trip. 
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The Importance of Space Food For Astronauts

Harmony House Food in SpaceAt the 2011 International Mars Society Convention, Dr. Jean Hunter of the Mars Desert Research Station answered a question very close to all of our hearts: Why is food so important? But in this case, Dr. Hunter is referring to the necessity of food specifically for astronauts in space. She affirms that “food is essential to the crew’s health and to their physical performance,” but her research and experiences have led to an understanding that “it’s also essential psychologically” and more emotionally significant than some may have previously understood.
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Celebrate American Heart Month

Harmony House RaspberriesFebruary is American Heart Month. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. The good news is that heart disease can be prevented. If you commit to eating a healthier diet and getting more exercise this February, you will greatly reduce your chance of suffering cardiovascular disease. This blog offers resources and tips that can help you keep your heart healthy. 

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