Corn is a delicious, golden summertime crop with a rich history here in the US. The all-American picnic includes an ear of corn with a slather of butter aside ribs or a juicy burger. However many Americans today have concerns about the safety of GMO corn. Why, then, is it so hard to find GMO-free corn? And why do we choose to offer only non-GMO dehydrated corn?

First, What is GMO?

Plants that have been genetically modified, or genetically engineered are known as GMO (genetically modified organisms). Since the mid-nineties, farmers have adopted genetically engineered technology to help their crops resist pests, disease, and herbicides, and, in some cases, to improve the nutrient content of a crop.

Most of the corn grown in the US is genetically modified to be herbicide tolerant and resistant to insects. In addition, using genetically modified varieties of corn has proven more profitable for farmers, which is why it’s so widespread.

The Downside of GMOs

The downsides of GMOs are still being assessed. Many studies, including the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, cite that GMOs are unhealthy, possibly creating long-term health problems, and are harmful to the environment. Some studies link GMOs to gluten disorders in humans, and further claim that GM crop production lowers crop yield, and increases pesticide use.

Harmony House Dried Corn is GMO-Free

When we started Harmony House, it was our goal to feed our growing family the healthiest food we could find. We’ve gone to great lengths to offer our customers no less, which is why we are proud to offer dried corn that is GMO-free. We stand by our standards for health, and, just like our other dried fruits and veggies, our dried corn is also free from additives, preservatives, and is gluten-free. Our Kosher certification

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