Meal Prepping Made Simple

Meal Prepping Made Simple

As you and your family settle in for the fall school semester, we have some tips that will make prepping lunches healthy, easy and fun!  

Plus, these meals are great for your lunches at work or at home. Be creative with how you incorporate dehydrated and freeze-dried food in your daily life!

Once-A-Week Preparations 

Mornings are busy, so it can be helpful to designate a day to prep meals for the week to make sure you are eating both a healthy and delicious lunch. We like Sunday afternoons for meal prepping and find that it can be a nice family activity. 

Simply measure out the correct serving size of our preseasoned soup mixes for the week for the ultimate easy meal. If you prefer to season your soups yourself, you can use a plain soup mix or even create your own custom soup blend by mixing our vegetables, beans and plant-based protein to give you even more variety. You can also add in extra greens, such as kale or spinach, to the mixes in order to increase the amount of superfoods in the soups! 

We recommend storing the proportioned mixes in either 1 cup zips or 2.5 cup heavy duty zips, depending on how much food you are making.

Skip the canned soup and make your own tomato soup from scratch with tomato powder. This soup is a kid-approved favorite! 

Tomato Powder

Morning Preparations  

Add hot water to a thermos with the correct portion of dry mix, and it will reconstitute by lunchtime.  

If you have a little more time in the morning, you can also use a Slow Cooker to warm up a soup mix in just 15-20 minutes, giving you plenty of time to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. 

Smart Snacks

Combat brain fog by eating nutritious foods. Freeze-dried fruit rehydrates almost instantly when added to yogurt cups and gives a nice boost of nutrition, no matter if your fruit of choice is in season or not.

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