Exploring the Great Outdoors with the Harmony House Foods Award-Winning Backpacking Kit

Are you a nature enthusiast and an avid backpacker? If so, you know the key to a successful outdoor adventure lies in lightweight, nutritious and delicious food options. The last thing you want during a backpacking trip is to carry heavy, cumbersome meals that take up precious space in your pack. Enter the Harmony House Foods Backpacking Kit, a game-changer for backpackers looking to elevate their outdoor culinary experience. This kit continues to be a customer favorite year after year!

What is the Harmony House Foods Backpacking Kit?

The Harmony House Foods Backpacking Kit is a carefully curated collection of dehydrated vegetables, legumes and beans that are perfect for lightweight, nourishing meals on the trail. This kit comes with 18 resealable one-cup zip pouches, allowing you to customize your meals according to your taste preferences and dietary requirements. When rehydrated, the total yield of this kit is 45+ cups! 

Lightweight and Space-Saving

Some of the most significant advantages of the Harmony House Foods Backpacking Kit are its weight and space-saving benefits. When you're carrying all your necessities on your back, every ounce matters. The dehydrated ingredients make it easier for you to tackle challenging terrains without feeling weighed down. 

Moreover, dehydrated foods have most of their moisture removed, significantly reducing their volume. This means you can pack a substantial amount of food in a small space, leaving more room in your backpack for other essential gear.

Nutrition and Flavor without Compromise

Eating well on a backpacking trip is essential to maintaining energy levels and overall well-being. The Harmony House Foods Backpacking Kit is designed to keep you fueled and satisfied throughout your adventure. The kit contains a variety of vegetables, including bell peppers, carrots, onions and tomatoes, providing essential vitamins and minerals necessary for active individuals. 

In addition to the nutritional benefits, these dehydrated ingredients retain their original flavors remarkably well. Whether you're craving a hearty vegetable stew, a zesty chili or a savory stir-fry, the Harmony House Foods Backpacking Kit allows you to create delicious meals that taste just as good as home-cooked dishes. We think life on the trail should be truly savored!

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