Eating Healthy with Flavored Plant-Based Protein

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or just eating less meat, flavored plant-based proteins are an excellent addition to your diet. Protein is an essential component of healthy nutrition, but it can be challenging to get enough if you do not eat meat, eggs or dairy products.

Food preferences and variety can also be a barrier for some when converting to a plant-based diet. Flavored plant-based proteins that mimic the taste of chicken, beef, sausage, chorizo, bacon or taco meat make it easier to segue into a plant-based lifestyle, providing a world of flavor without sacrificing nutrition.

What is Flavored Plant-Based Protein Made From?

Most flavored plant-based protein products are made from textured soy or vegetable protein. The products are generally sold dehydrated and will gain bulk, texture and weight when used in recipes like tacos, soups, stews and more.

Depending on the recipe, many people are hard-pressed to tell the difference between flavored plant-based protein and animal products. The texture, mouthfeel and flavor can be quite similar.

How to Use Flavored Plant-Based Protein

Though you can purchase unflavored plant-based protein, many people like flavored products because they do not have to be seasoned and are ready to add to their favorite dishes.

For example, Harmony House Beef-Flavored Bits are excellent in tacos, burritos, chili or spaghetti with meat sauce. Beef Flavored Bits can even be added to ground beef to extend the recipe and feed more people - a perfect solution for large families on a budget. 

Chorizo Flavored Crumbles can be added to soups and stews to thicken the stock and add a punch of flavor, and Bacon Flavored Bits add a delicious crispy crunch to salads. 

Plant-Based Protein On-the-Go

Plant-based eating is part of a healthy lifestyle; for many, that means staying active and getting outdoors. Hiking, backpacking, camping and RVing are just a few examples of activities that support health and well-being. Harmony House products are packaged for people on-the-go and are ideal for anyone who likes to travel light, simplify and "unplug" from the hustle and grind of modern living. 

Our lightweight zip-sealed pouches contain three or four ounces of your favorite flavored plant-based protein. It's no burden to carry all six delicious flavors, and you will look forward to a different tasty meal every day.

Simply rehydrate and add to your recipes for a flavor punch and all the protein you need to stay energized for your journey. Flavored plant-based protein can be combined with your favorite vegetables and grains to make a hearty meal that keeps you strong all day.

Plant-based eating is more than just a trend; it's a way to fully embrace a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing flavor or nutrition. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, families, people on-the-go and anyone trying to reduce their intake of animal products, Harmony House flavored plant-based protein is a pantry staple that helps you savor the goodness of plants.

Browse our selection of flavored plant-based proteins today and check out our recipes for inspiration.

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