A Leek You Welcome...
Neglected, overlooked, seldom used. These are terms to often used to describe the awesome leek! The leek is part of the onion family, but unlike the onion, the leek’s flavor is delicate and tangy without the power-packed punch of the onion. Although you will find an abundance of onions in your grocery store, you may not find such a steady supply of leeks. However, leeks can take your cuisine to the next level where we start using terms such as “gourmet.” 


Never mind the oversight of your local grocer to keep a fresh supply of leeks on the shelf, Harmony House Dehydrated Leeks are always available to stock your pantry—and you don’t have to worry about them going bad. Our green & white leeks can be used in place of fresh in many recipes, and they haven’t lost their “tang” in the drying process. Just store them in the cupboard and use them in place of onions when you want a milder taste. 


The first dish that comes to mind when I think about leeks is Potato & Leek Soup. No rocket science needed here. Just find your favorite potato soup recipe and sprinkle in some dehydrated leeks. They will rehydrate during the cooking process and take your soup from “eh” to “wow!” Another great way to include leeks in your cooking is by adding a sprinkle to potato or chicken salad. Their colorful green and white tones will add a layer of depth that will move your dish from ordinary to exotic. 

So stock up on some Harmony House Leeks, and add some pizzazz to your meals. This will be a welcome LEEK in your kitchen!
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