Textured Soy Protein (Unflavored) (10 oz)

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Textured Soy Protein (Unflavored) (10 oz)
Textured Soy Protein (Unflavored) (10 oz)
We introduce our little "secret" to making great tasting vegetarian dishes. A plant protein that is all vegetable provides substance and taste to your favorite recipes.
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Our JAR SIZE contains a FULL QUART (4 Cups) of plain plant protein soy flour for sale! Add incredible texture to your meals without the fat, sodium, or cholesterol.  Our Unflavored Plain Plant Protein is made from one ingredient--soybeans.  The health benefits of soy are now well documented.  Adding Unflavored Plant Protein to your diet can give the benefits of soy, with hundreds of creative options. Soy bean flour is a basic necessity for any healthy kitchen.

Yield:  1 Cup yields 2 1/14 Cups (by volume) or 14 Ounces (by weight) -- Complete Rehydration Chart

Ingredients:  Soy Flour. CONTAINS SOY

Vegan/Vegetarian.  Gluten Free.  Kosher OU.

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