Textured Soy Protein (Non-GMO, Unflavored) (15 lbs)

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Textured Soy Protein (Non-GMO, Unflavored) (15 lbs)
Textured Soy Protein (Non-GMO, Unflavored) (15 lbs)
We introduce our little "secret" to making great tasting vegetarian dishes. A Non-GMO plant-based protein that is all vegetable provides substance and taste to your favorite recipes.
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Our Non-GMO soy flour BULK BOX contains a FULL 12x12x12 CUBE of plain plant-based protein! Add incredible texture to your meals without the fat, sodium, or cholesterol.  Our Non-GMO, Unflavored Textured Soy Protein is made from one ingredient--soybeans.  The health benefits of soy are now well documented.  Adding this unflavored protein to your diet can give the benefits of soy, with hundreds of creative options.  Gluten-free soy flour is a basic necessity for any healthy kitchen.

Yield:  1 Cup yields 2 1/14 Cups (by volume) or 14 Ounces (by weight) -- Complete Rehydration Chart

Ingredients:  Textured soy flour. CONTAINS SOY

Vegan/Vegetarian.  Gluten Free.  Kosher OU.

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