RV & Camper Pantry Stocking Tips

Posted by Harmony House Foods on 12/12/2016 to RV Food & Storage
RV & Camper Pantry Stocking Tips

There are a few special complications to consider when planning how to stock your RV pantry. You may a limited amount of space for storage, a cramped kitchen, vehicle weight restrictions and other issues to overcome. We have heard from many of our loyal customers that they solve several of the challenges of RV cooking by stocking their camper kitchen with a variety of dehydrated soups and chilis. Here are a few of the top reasons to stock your pantry with dehydrated soup and chili mixes, whether you are a snowbird travelling in a luxury RV or a boondocker setting out for the backcountry in your camper van.

Dried Soup is a Genius Kitchen Shortcut

Posted by Harmony House Foods on 11/10/2016 to RV Food & Storage
Dried Soup is a Genius Kitchen Shortcut

Keeping dried soup mix in your pantry is the ultimate kitchen time-saver. It makes so much more than soup! Harmony House Vegetarian Soup and Chili Blends contain delicious combinations of vegetables, beans, and legumes (such as peas and lentils) that can be used in an infinite number of dishes. Smart cooks keep a variety of dried soup blends on hand in order to put healthy, delicious meals on the table with minimal effort. Here are a few ways that dried soup mixes make cooking easier.

Dried Bell Peppers VS. Fresh: Facts on Nutrition, Flavor, Shelf Life and More

Posted by Harmony House Foods on 10/24/2016 to Recipes
Bell peppers are nutritious vegetables that add delicious flavor to many types of dishes–but fresh peppers spoil so quickly that keeping them on hand can be tricky. That is why many cooks stock their pantries with dehydrated bell peppers. Only need a tablespoon for a recipe? You can rehydrate the exact amount you need without running to the store or wasting food. But how do dried bell peppers compare to fresh peppers? This post will show you how Harmony House Premium Dehydrated Peppers stack up against their fresh counterparts.

Meal Planning Tips and Recipes for Backpackers, Hikers, and Campers

Posted by Harmony House Foods, Inc. on 4/29/2016 to Backpacking & Camping
Harmony House Backpacking FoodAre you looking for recipes for one pot meals, info on how to make food plans for camping trips, or tips on trail cooking? We've put together this list of online resources that will help you plan delicious trail meals, whether you are camping for a weekend or going on a six month backpacking trip. 

Food Storage Solutions for Your RV or Camper

Posted by Harmony House Foods, Inc. on 3/10/2015 to RV Food & Storage
Harmony House Camping FoodIt’s time to stock up the RV and hit the open road. And whether you’re spending a week at the campground or a month in the wilderness, food is essential. Therein lies a campers’ dilemma: long term food storage. Often, campers will pack too much or run out of food early in their venture. If you hope to avoid similar camp-food mistakes, these tips may help you pack your RV pantry like a pro.

5 Must-Have Dried Foods for your RV Pantry

Posted by Harmony House Foods, Inc. on 7/22/2014 to RV Food & Storage
RV FoodDried foods make a fantastic choice for RV living because, not only do they take up less space, but they are quick and easy to prepare.