Freeze Dried Fruit & Berries

Freeze Dried Fruit

Premium Freeze Dried Fruit, Always in Season

When it comes to Harmony Foods, our freeze dried fruit is always in season. That’s because we select our fruit for freshness and taste, when it’s at its seasonal peak, and use a special vacuum chamber to freeze dry it in its most natural state. The end result? Premium freeze dried fruit that’s crisp, light, and bursting with flavor and nutrition.

100% All Natural

Perhaps best of all, Harmony Foods Freeze Dried Fruit is always guaranteed to be 100% all natural, without additives or preservatives. That means no added sugar, GMO, or preservatives. So you can use our freeze dried fruits with confidence, for pure, wholesome, delicious snacks or as cooking and baking ingredients.

Premium Products
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DELUXE Fruit Sampler (12 Jars, Quart Size)
Berry Medley (4 Jars, Quart Size)
Tropical Fruit Medley (4 Jars, Quart Size)
Orchard Fruit Medley (4 Jars, Quart Size)
Freeze Dried Strawberries, Sliced (2 oz)
Freeze Dried Blackberries (4 oz.)
Freeze Dried Blueberries (6 oz)
Freeze Dried Sweet Cherries (8 oz)
Freeze Dried Raspberries (3.5 oz)
Freeze Dried Apple Dices (4 oz)
Freeze Dried Apricots (3 oz)
Freeze Dried Bananas (6 oz)
Freeze Dried Mangoes (4 oz)
Freeze Dried Papaya (3 oz)
Freeze Dried Peach Dices (2 oz.)
Freeze Dried Pineapple (5 oz)
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