Freeze Dried Celery, crosscut (3 oz.)

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Freeze Dried Celery, crosscut (3 oz.)
Freeze Dried Celery, crosscut (3 oz.)
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Our JAR contains a FULL QUART (4 Cups) of fresh, crisp freeze-dried celery! These light and airy dices are ready to use right out of the jar. These dried celery chips rehydrate quickly with hot water, reducing your need for fuel when backpacking. They are delicious right out of the container as a wholesome snack. Excellent for backpackers, RV'ers, or for your cupboard! Sweet, sliced celery is a delightful addition to any meal... Use sweet celery in soups, stews, or other recipes--or just cook and eat plain! They hold more of their nutritional value than their canned or frozen counterparts so serve them to your family with confidence. Enjoy the fresh flavor of sweet freeze-dried celery without all the washing & slicing.

Yield:  1 Cup yields 1 Cup (by volume) or 8 Ounces (by weight)  -- Complete Rehydration Chart

Ingredients:  Celery

No additives or preservatives.  Non-GMO.  Gluten Free.  Kosher OU.

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